Weighted blanket is expensive– Free weighted blanket autism

Weighted blanket autism : Weighted blankets are a big help for people with autism, how to make a weighted blanket for autism,but they can also be very expensive, especially in adult sizes.

Why are weighted blankets (autism )so expensive?

weighted blanket autism

When you buy a weighted blanket, you will find products that are sold at a range of prices. why are weighted blankets so expensive reddit.As with any weighted blankets product, it is important to consider quality, size and weight. You must also consider whether the blanket you choose can solve your problem – autism.

What is the cost of a weighted blanket?

Let me break down the cost of a weighted blanket:


The 2 most common choices are polypropylene (plastic) and glass. This is the most expensive part of a weighted blanket autism uk.


Filling and calculating how much particles each chamber should fill can be frustrating, which can be very cumbersome.

Unless you have a lot of time or an incredible person to make one for you, finding a tailor can be very expensive.


The smoother and more durable your fabric. Again, depending on the structure you choose, this can be an expensive part of the project.


Size Prices above
30” x 48” $66.99
41” x 58” $98.99
42” x 72” $139.99
58” x 80” $180.99


WeightAverage Prices
3 Pounds $66.99
10 Pounds$125.99
11 Pounds$128.99
17 Pounds$180.99
24 Pounds$300.99
25 pounds$320.99

6.Custom designs style:

Custom designs range in price from inexpensive weighted blanket $90 to $130.

What makes the weighted carpet price so high?

Because free weighted blanket autism has more components:

Quilting adds interior trim

The benefits of blankets definitely exceed the cost

It helps to alleviate and reduce symptoms associated with various conditions.

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Insomnia
  • ……

Best Fabric for Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets Fabric
Best Fabric for Weighted Blankets

Weighted blanket fabric types and their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros Cons
Cotton Hypoallergenic,it helps control body temperature and keeps you cool on hot summer nights. Easy to clean.shrinks.wrinkles.Cotton fabrics tend to absorb and retain moisture, so if you encounter hot flashes, quilts may not be your best choice.

Smooth texture, no wrinkles.
Suitable for cold months.Luxurious appearance.
It is prone to water spots and can only be dry cleaned.Easy to damage, it does not absorb sweat
FlannelIt doesn’t require ironing.low maintenance.Excellent breathability.Warm.When too thick, flannel fabric can cause some discomfort.It is very flammable.
FleeceLow price and durable.Fast and easy to dry.Suitable for autumn and winter seasons.It will leave a lingering smell.Difficult to clean.It captures small dust particles and hair or pollen.
Minky100% polyester,durable.
Antifouling, it does not shrink. There are all kinds of designs.

It’s super warm, not great for summer.It can be extended.
AcrylicHypoallergenic. Quick drying.It won’t fade over time.Moth resistant.Price/Quality.
Not suitable for summer

ChenilleSuper soft, it helps to calm down faster than other fabrics.Good stain resistance.But pricey.

10 weighted blanket benefits you don’t know

  1. Weighted blanket helps to resist stress and reduce disease
  2. Can enhance our immune system
  3. Can satisfy the “skin craving”
  4. Can increase serotonin levels in the body,thereby enhancing the sense of pleasure
  5. Can balance our nervous system
  6. Can relieve pain
  7. Relieve depressive symptoms
  8. Can assist in insomnia and anxiety treatment
  9. Can strengthen social connections and enhance social relations
  10. Weighted blanket promotes muscle relaxation

where can i get a free weighted blanket:DIY Weighted Blanket (Look at the picture.)

STEP 1:Splicing the three sides of the fabric together.

DIY Weighted Blanket 1
DIY Weighted Blanket 1

STEP 2: The vertical line of sutures.

DIY Weighted Blanket 2
DIY Weighted Blanket 2

STEP 3: Add your poly pellets.

DIY Weighted Blanket 3
DIY Weighted Blanket 3

STEP 4: Each space fills the number of particles required for each column.

DIY Weighted Blanket 4
DIY Weighted Blanket 4

STEP 5: Once all the columns have been filled, stitch them on the line. Then repeat until you have filled the top of the blanket.

DIY Weighted Blanket 5
DIY Weighted Blanket 5
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